Studio 1 Social Media

Studio 1 is a local theater/performance company based in Burlington, NC. They aim to provide access to a vast array of unique performing arts experiences.

Trivia Nights

My wife and I host a Trivia Night as a fundraiser for Studio 1 several times a year. This social media campaign is designed to provide a common thread through the multiple trivia nights while at the same time ensuring enough variety that each event feels unique.


Charles P. Esquire Campaign

With “Tech: An Onstage Comedy About Backstage Drama,” we wanted a social media campaign that would draw attention to the show. Since it had never been performed, it was important give our audience an idea of what “Tech” was about.

The antagonist of the show, Charles P. Esquire, was known to take “interesting” approaches to classic plays. These posts were used as a way to quickly convey the ridiculous nature of Charles’ directing choices and the humorous nature of the play in general.


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